Saturday, February 23, 2002

411 Rally Website, and Other Websites Planned

Website projects update - the 411 Rally website is as done as it is going to get for a while. It is very plain. All I plan to add to it is printable press releases, posters and flyers, yet to be written and designed. Since then I was given the graphics software I needed to do better sites, and will be using the new software to design the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce site so it will look better than the ones I've done before, hopefully! I made two design samples for them and will be working on one or two more designs during the coming week. I just accepted another design project for the California Family Rights Association.

People here are pestering me for chocolate bars and pastries so I need to quit writing and go to the store.

Later... I'm back. I remembered one more website I'm supposed to do - for the new Klamath River Writers Club. I also offered to do free websites for each of the members that don't have one yet so we can all start offering our writing skills for sale online. After that I should put up a website for website design... maybe I can start doing this for money soon, especially now that I have the software I needed.

Monday, February 18, 2002

Daily Writing Practice Continues

I've been continuing with daily writing practice. Some days I don't get much done but other days are very productive. I've posted bits and pieces here ... I've posted four memoirs and one poem so far, and will try to remember to keep adding to the site as I write.

Saturday, February 02, 2002

Classes, Webdesign, Writing, and a Truck

I have suddenly become so busy! It all started about ten days ago. My friend, Judy, mentioned she was going to a business class and was worried that there might not be enough students for the class to continue. I thought about that... and realized that I too would benefit from taking a class on small business setup and management... so I volunteered to go with her. It turned out to be a class through the college extension program. Walking into the room I met Tracey for the first time and found out we would be televised for video confrencing. I found that very shocking, but adjusted soon enough.

Tracey mentioned that she was taking an EMT class that I could still get into, though I'd missed at least one class... so I decided to sign up for that too. I don't know if I'd ever get a job with an ambulance service (okay, maybe...) but it will help a lot to have some medical knowledge in case my family or neighbors need emergency help. This class is on Tuesday nights and the other class in on Thursday nights. The EMT class has a lot of required reading. The business class has less reading but homework that is aimed at setting up a small business plan.

Besides all that, I took on two web design projects this week. I'm very excited about both - they are professional level jobs that I'll be able to use as references for other customers I may have in the future. One is for the Chamber of Commerce here in Happy Camp and the other is for the 411 "Information Day" Rally - a nationwide initiative planned by a friend in Sacramento. I have the framework for that one set up already - we're now just working on adding content. The Chamber of Commerce website will feature a page for each event and a page or link for each member business.

Next... I'm trying to keep up with the writing prompts in A Writers Book of Days and have a group of writers I'm doing this with - via a mailing list.

I'm coming up with some fantastic writing... in my opinion... I'm improving my skills as a writer quite a bit by doing these daily writing practice sessions. That brings me to where I am today - I just wrote a seven-page entry for writing practice and like it well enough that I'll be using it as the start for a novel about CPS. A few weeks ago I set up a mailing list for writers who want to do work on CPS related works. I'm planning to do fact-based fiction and philosophy for my first CPS related writing project.

We bought a used truck a few days ago. A very very used truck - I think it is a '71... but... it is a nice big 3/4 ton pickup... good for hauling and camping trips, pulling utility trailers.. things like that. Since we live so far from the stores, it really helps to have a big truck of our own. For example - recently our washing machine went out. We had to pay someone else to haul it to the nearest repairman. Another example - if we ever want to buy new furniture, we'll have to truck it in here from the nearest furniture store, which is either 70 or 100 miles away. Anyhow, the truck won't win a beauty contest but it is strong and should last a while. The man who sold it to us said it will probably still be running long after we're all gone. I agree with that... they don't make them like they used to!