Friday, November 26, 2004


I can't believe I'd even consider moving from my wonderful home in Happy Camp... but we are really thinking about leaving sometime during the next year. The main reason is because our teenage daughter doesn't have any friends here, plus she's nearing college age and needs to settle into a college town before that time comes. We would like to stay near her during her early adult years. She's even talking about staying in our home past the age of eighteen. My son will probably want to do that too, though we haven't talked about it. He's 14 and I don't think he's even considered moving away from us eventually.

So my daughter's choices of college towns are Eureka and Santa Cruz... both very nice seaside areas to live in. We're planning to move to Eureka because its closer to where we now live. Plus we like what we've seen of it on our many visits there.

I'm sure only a person who's lived in the absolute boonies (like where we are now) could appreciate what we see in the town... in terms of advantages. Here we have no choices... like there's just one grocery store, one pizza place, one clinic, etc. But in Eureka we'll have so many things available to us, its mind boggling to us.

The only problem is.. we don't want to get rid of our pets. I know if we were willing to do so I could get a rental there right away and be moved, but we won't let our pets down... they love us and don't deserve to be abandoned to strangers. I don't want to break their hearts.

So, knowing that finding the landlord that will let us move our pets into their house will be like locating a needle in a haystack... I've decided to advertise for a home by making a new website that will show who we are and list what we're looking for in a home. I'm going to make the website structure and my daughter will be installing the detailing.

I've already offered her a part time job in my web design business... she's so good at site design already and I like her style!


We had a great dinner yesterday. It was just the four of us... me, Keith, and my two teenagers, but my daughter and I had a lot of fun cooking it together, and Keith and Aaron helped the day before by cleaning the house. Because everyone helped prepare for Thanksgiving, everyone turned out being happy about the dinner. Besides, it was great food. The turkey, dressing, everything turned out great. We had two kinds of salad, two kinds of potatoes.. and so much more. We even made two homemade pumpkin pies. Now we're looking forward to making a Christmas dinner that's even better.