Saturday, January 24, 2004

I Leave You My Jounals

Last night Keith asked me about my journals... not the online ones, but the ones I keep on real paper, in spiral bound notebooks. He asked, "Do you have a lot of those collected here someplace?"

I said yes.

Usually he barely notices what I'm doing, but obviously I fill one notebook after another with my writing - they have to be someplace... so he asked me how many.

I said I've probably got between ten and twenty of them now.

He asked me what to do with them if I die. Morbid thought!

Well, I told him to give them to some historical society. I don't know if any of my kids would even care to have them, or if they would value them. For all I know they'll look at my volumes of paper and toss them in the trash. So I said probably some local historical society would be willing to take them on. If not, well... give them to the kids and whatever happens happens.

I admit, I did write these somewhat with an eye to the future, hoping someone, someday would take an interest in my ramblings about daily life.