Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Willie Dream

Strange, I was dreaming about an old friend, Willie, this morning. I dreamed he'd won a dream house. It was awesome. Then my daughter told me we got a call from the city he lives in - the number is on her Call Wave today - but there's no Caller ID name, just the name of the city. I'm not calling back. I figure if someone wants to talk to me bad enough they can leave a message on the Call Wave to let me know who it is. And if they don't want to do that, maybe there's a reason.

SNOW: We had the first snowfall of the year on November 25 this year. It was just a light dusting - less than an inch - but nice to see. It melted away too quickly - when the snow turned to drizzle.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Diet, Weight, and Exercise ... All That

My diet is not going well. I have taken off and put back on the same five pounds since the middle of September. I think the reason is that I bought a new aerobics video, the four mile version of Walk Away the Pounds, and due to using that a lot, I've been developing muscles. I may feel better, but I'm not losing weight. I'm certain if I keep trying, eventually I will.

I'm considering switching to the Atkins diet plan for a while (low carbs). I've been doing a low-calorie plan since last summer and lost 30 pounds... at one time was down 35 pounds. Well, its time to cut the carbs!

Pre-Elampsia (Toxemia) ... New Research

The Times Online published an article called Clue to Cause of Pre-eclampsia (no longer online) ... I nearly died from pre-eclampsia in 1989 so when I saw this news story listed on google news this morning I just had to click the link.

Its amazing, how many of us wouldn't be here if it were not for the wonders of modern day medical science.

I am one of those people. I would have died in 1989 were it not for life-saving medical help. My pre-eclampsia would have taken me out if it were not for the pitocin-induced birth, and of course my now-14yo daughter would have died at that time too. My 13yo son would never have existed.

After my daughter was born the pre-eclampsia got worse instead of better (unusual complication) and I had specialists working on me. Obviously my life was saved.

Keith would also be dead if it were not for the bounties of modern medical science. He's diabetic.

So here we are, an entire household of people thankful for the amazing advances of medicine within the last century.

Thank you God!

Anyhow, in case they remove the information from the Times Online site I am keeping it here so I don't forget what nearly killed me:
"The cause of a deadly and common complication of pregnancy — pre-eclampsia — may have been found.

The condition causes expectant women’s blood pressure to soar and giving birth is the only solution.

Reading University scientists say it is caused by the placenta trying to improve its blood supply from the mother.

They told the Society for Endocrinology that if the placenta fails to develop, it releases a chemical that makes the mother pump the blood harder into the womb. They hope the breakthrough will lead to earlier treatments."