Thursday, September 25, 2003

The Dieting is Working

Diet news: I've now lost 30 pounds and passed my second short term goal. My third goal is to be at 196 pounds which I should be able to do by sometime in December. My long term goal is 145 pounds and I hope to get there sometime in the next year.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Diet, Blogger Hoodie, and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Since my diet started on June 2 I've lost 25 pounds. I'm still going strong with that effort! Unfortunately I've got another 75 pounds to lose, but knowing I've done it once sure encourages me to know I can do it three more times!

I had a nice surprise yesterday when I went to my blogger pro account - I found out they cancelled the payment part of the service (though I still get all the pro goodies) and they offered me a free hooded sweatshirt in gratitude for my monetary support of their service! YAY! I am so thrilled and awaiting my hoodie with not-so-mild anticipation. Just in time for winter!

Hey, it will look good on me too considering I'm losing so much weight. :)

We had a great vacation to Santa Cruz and the SF Bay Area in August. We saw almost all our family members and spent two days having fun on the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. The kids loved it. Did you know you can take a virtual rollercoaster ride at their website? We went on the Giant Dipper three times. It was wonderful.

And by the way, the safety bar on the roller coaster was so tight on me I theorized that if I hadn't lost so much weight just before going there, I wouldn't have been able to ride. And that would have been so sad....