Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Monday, April 21, continued - Well, this was a Holy Day for Baha'is and it turned out to be a pretty good day for us. My daughter got a gift in the mail from her grandmother, a doll my mom found a long time ago that looks like my daughter. She likes it a lot. (Thanks, Mom!) She also got a call from her basketball coach - an invitation for a team party at the Pizza House. That was wonderful for her. This girl needs more friends and I could tell the rest of her team really likes her. She had a great time. This was the last day of her spring break.

I went to the Happy Camp News staff meeting. It was pretty good though it was slow getting started. Our host was in need of a day off and not quite getting it! We decided to change the meeting days to Tuesdays to better fit his work schedule. Its cool to be flexible. When I got home I put a few columns and an article on the web.

My daughter's sleep schedule is all off. She stayed up all night and has school today. I told her about ten times to get some rest but she just wouldn't. I hope she doesn't fall asleep at school. She's in the shower now, getting ready to go. Maybe after today she'll be on a better schedule, if she can manage to stay awake until she gets home at 3.

The ants are coming back inside again already, and it isn't even hot outside yet. I hope I find a good solution this year. I want my kitchen ant-free!

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