Thursday, February 27, 2003

I did two more websites this week:

This is Parent News - a publication of the American Family Rights Association. I'm doing a redesign for the owner, Leonard Henderson of Oregon. It isn't finished yet.

The new site for the California Family Rights Association. This one is nearing completion.

I just had to put a picture of my kids on the front of Parent News... not that very many people will recognize them.. they haven't been babies for a long time now!

Friday, February 14, 2003

Sorry I haven't posted here much lately. I've been so busy since mid-January... mostly not stuff I want to mention in this weblog, for the most part. Some things are better when forgotten.

Happy Valentine's Day! As of today Keith and I have been together three years... and we're still hoping for many more.

I was so distressed about everything that's been going on here I haven't been able to continue my normal happy, creative life. During the last three days I made an effort to put aside all other concerns and revive myself creatively and spiritually. It is working. Last night I had a productive webdesign work and writing night again. Also I spent two days working on my coast to coast weblog. Here's the redesign:

I also moved my writing website from to because I've given the Happy Camp News site to our local writer's club for a club fundraising project. It will be better for everyone, including the readers, when there's more people working on it. My writing website can still be reached at but right now it is terribly out of date due to all the problems I've had in the past couple of weeks. I'll be focusing on updating that soon.