Sunday, November 10, 2002

Excerpts from various AOL chatrooms during the last week (my contributions only)

Bennachti: have problems with your kids?
Bennachti: my 13 year old daughter won't wear a sweater or
Bennachti: coat when it is freezing and raining outside..
Bennachti: because she wants to look "fashionable".
Bennachti: its driving me crazy - I don't know how to get
Bennachti: her to understand that it looks bad NOT to wear
Bennachti: one when it is cold outside
Bennachti: she's coughing..
Bennachti: I told her tonight that she could catch pneumonia
Bennachti: and die and then we could put her nice
Bennachti: fashionable clothes on her in the coffin
Bennachti: how desperate do I sound?

Bennachti: sorry if you think I should conform with
Bennachti: the brainwashed masses.. it is just not my way.

Bennachti: oh, but I forget, as a product of the mass
Bennachti: brainwashing system in America, you can't see
Bennachti: that there might be something better, like
Bennachti: independent thinking..

Bennachti: I'm 50 now - old enough (I think) to have a few
Bennachti: independent thoughts, and to be able to express
Bennachti: them.

Bennachti: He was... and if you want to know about
Bennachti: Him, I recommend reading the Dawnbreakers, by
Bennachti: Nabil - it is an inspirational experience

Bennachti: some think there are saints, but it is very
Bennachti: informal.
Bennachti: worse yet, some imagine themselves to be saints.

Bennachti: information control is a trait of dangerous cults
Bennachti: - and should not be a part of Baha'i - ever

Bennachti: when you read the Bible knowing the translations
Bennachti: of the symbols, it really does make a lot of
Bennachti: sense..
Bennachti: I think the Bible can be viewed both ways - or in
Bennachti: many ways.. I like to think of it as an ancient
Bennachti: book of mystery and spirituality.. and I believe
Bennachti: the stories in both literal and metaphorical
Bennachti: ways.

Bennachti: my opinion is that getting along with family is
Bennachti: more important that being a Baha'i purist. If
Bennachti: the baptism will make them happy, then let it
Bennachti: happen (at least that's what I'd do)
Bennachti: it isn't like it would hurt the baby any
Bennachti: but make her provide the baptismal gown!! LOL

Bennachti: I definitely don't like using the ignore
Bennachti: feature.. then I end up missing half the
Bennachti: conversation

Bennachti: for my normal email address I use outlook
Bennachti: express, filtering with mailwasher before I
Bennachti: download it - so I never get spam or viruses on
Bennachti: my computer

Bennachti: spamcop is a service that causes more problems
Bennachti: than it helps because a lot of innocent people
Bennachti: get their email blocked by spamcop users
Bennachti: recently they were blocking /all/ AOL users..

Bennachti: Homeschooling is great - you can style the
Bennachti: education to the child - teach what they want to
Bennachti: learn
Bennachti: we did a lot of veterinary science with my
Bennachti: daughter in homeschool last year..
Bennachti: they learn better if it is something they are
Bennachti: interested in

Bennachti: when I lose something I pray to God for help
Bennachti: and then usually find it fast

Bennachti: I was working in a convenience store a long time
Bennachti: ago - and got robbed, and the guy had his name
Bennachti: written on his back on his football jersey

Bennachti: When you signed the card, you signed up for a
Bennachti: lifetime of spiritual growth and nobody said it
Bennachti: would be easy.

Bennachti: don't you keep a copy of your first draft.. like
Bennachti: some kind of keepsake treasure?

Bennachti: wow.. fifty????? you're scaring me

Bennachti: I've read books by editors who make revision
Bennachti: sound really difficult, while trying to explain
Bennachti: how it is done..

Bennachti: With children's novels, do the editors ask for
Bennachti: extensive revisions.. or do they expect a
Bennachti: manuscript to be perfect before they'll accept
Bennachti: it?

Bennachti: okay, that's good, to know they will be open to
Bennachti: offering suggestions if it looks publishable.

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