Wednesday, January 23, 2002

My Letter to the Editor About CPS

This came as a surprise to me... I wrote a letter to the editor three days ago. It was in response to a letter from a victim of CPS in the Siskiyou Daily News. Right after her letter was printed, the editor printed a long op-ed from a friend of the victim-mother.

I was very moved by these letters, which explained that the girl has completed her entire reunification plan, but was not being given back two of her four children. So I decided to answer, but the muse didn't get here to help me out for a couple of weeks. I finally wrote my piece, which was way too long, and sent it in on Saturday night.

Right after I sent it in, I opened Friday's newspaper and saw that a program manager in the local CPS agency had written an op-ed explaining her side of the controversy. So... I thought it all very interesting... and I didn't expect my piece to be printed for another couple weeks, if at all. Well, here it is in the paper, on Tuesday, just three days after I wrote it! He put my website URL for Fight CPS And Win, and my phone number at the bottom. I've received a few calls...

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Unusual Homes

I'd love to have a little house like this one: The Art of Natural Building. I've always been fascinated by unusual places, unique locations, strange buildings, and the odd, unusual, artistic ways that some people live.

More on Pinterest:

Monday, January 07, 2002

Website Work and Judy at Ferry Point

I just added a prayers page to my website. Over the years I've written many prayers, and I want to share them with others. I also posted a poem I wrote years ago to my poetry page and added some other things to my site.

Last night I worked on Happy Camp History and contacted a few out-of-towners who I thought might have local history information. I was so happy to hear back from Judy of Judy's Genealogy this morning!

Update: Since I wrote this, Judy died, and is now buried in the old cemetery at Ferry Point, on the Klamath River Highway.

New Multi-Function HP Printer Ordered

We ordered a printer! I'm so excited about it. First we ordered a Canon multi-function printer/scanner/fax/copier... but AOL told me they had to cancel the order because the manufacturer would not be able to deliver more of them... so I ordered the Hewlett-Packard multi-function printer/scanner/fax/copier instead!

I told Keith today that with this machine I could open another office support business. I probably wouldn't make enough here in Happy Camp to earn all we need to live on, but it would help. I used to have a business like that in Tulare, when Cimmie was a baby, and found several good repeat customers to keep me busy. I'm a paralegal, typist, editor, website designer... etc.. etc.. and the money I make from my writing will help too.

Speaking of writing, I'm currently 44,000 words into my second novel... that's more than half way through the first draft! Today I wrote the scene that made my protagonist into a criminal... it was quite heart-wrenching for me to do that to her. Now she's afraid, and doesn't know what to do next. Crime never pays.

Thursday, January 03, 2002

Noise and Shopping

Keith is playing his guitar out here in the living room and that infernal TV keeps noise-making even though the kids have moved on to another room. ::I got up to turn it off::

I have to drive into Yreka tomorrow to do some shopping. The kids got Walmart gift-cards for Christmas from their grandfather and his wife, and they want to buy some things now, of course. My daughter wants a CD player and my son wants some kind of add-on hardware for his Nintendo.

Cat Comment

My cats, Mocha and Snookums, are friends.

I'm glad they are getting along so good with one another, especially since Socrates (Socks) has been so testy and unfriendly towards both of them lately.

Linda's Life - first posting ever (on Blogger.Com)

This is my first posting for January 2002... and the start of a new interface for Linda's Life.

[There were earlier postings for Linda's Life on a plain HTML blog but I've lost them now.]